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March 16, 2022 - 3 p.m.

Set up a space forinclusive trustin class to get starteddigital education

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In this webinar, we will discover tools to set up an inclusive space of trust in your class and dare to embark on digital education. We will address the issue of unconscious biases we have and how they affect our communication and behavior with students.

We will then see how we can have more impact as a teacher on our class and our school regardless of the type of school or the social background of the students who attend it. You will receive advice and concrete examples to install in your class a space of confidence in order to feel serene to launch a digital project in class (or any other challenge of the 21st century :-) ).


Positive communication is essential, but we will also see how to better manage conflicts or difficulties, focusing on what is already working. Greater confidence in yourself and your students will be of great help to you in facing all the challenges that must be faced today in primary school education, in particular the implementation of new reference systems in connection with the digital education. 


To talk about this subject, Laura from CodeNPlay receives Annemie Duquet and Maëlys De Wilde from the associationToekomstATELIERdelAvenir (TADA).

The ASBL TADA (for ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir) is a learning network that involves the citizen and the business world in the emancipation and inclusion of socially vulnerable young people and their entourage.

In Brussels, TADA coaches more than 1,500 young people intensively via its weekend schools and its alumni network. TADA offers extracurricular activities where children discover the world, themselves and their talents. 

Maëlys De Wilde works as an educational coordinator at TADA, where she coaches volunteers and a group of thirty children to give the best of themselves every Saturday. Annemie Duquet is responsible for TADA's five weekend schools and has a lot of experience on the ground, both at TADA and in the wider youth sector. 


CodeNPlay offers all teachers tailor-made support to teach computational thinking and robotics to students from kindergarten to grade 6. Contact us for more information:


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