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Meet CodeNPlay

"I founded CodeNPlay in 2017.  
I make sure we continue our mission. To do this, I align strategy with the team, ensure financial stability so that we can provide a sustainable solution for both children and schools and CodeNPlay. Finally, I make sure to attract and grow talent on the team that they are fulfilled, happy and always on the cutting edge."

"I'm more of a morning and evening person. The afternoon is my big weakness.... If I could sleep in the afternoon and live the rest of the day, that would be ideal!"

Nadine - Co-director & Vision wizard


"At CodeNPlay, I help with my creative vision to:

  • Develop educational digital tools to improve teacher training and support

  • Coordinate communication (website, social networks, etc.)

  • Set up new projects

"If I invented a robot, it should be able to clean my cat's litter box and do my administration."

Laura - Co-director
Digital learning developer & communication manager


"At CodeNPlay I am the Growth Magician. Making sure that as many schools as possible in Belgium are willing and able to offer digital education in their schools."


"If I invented a robot, it would be an educational babysitter with my 2 year old daughter." 

Claire - Growth Magician

"Passionate about the digital world, having created and coordinated many animations and trainings at Sparkoh!, at CodeNPlay I put my experience to good use in order to coordinate and evolve CodeNPlay's extracurricular and internship offerings."

Olivier - Coordination operations activities

Benoit ozobot_edited.jpg

Gregoire - Co-director & Fun learning trainer

"At CodeNPlay, I'm in charge of the content of the activities for the children, and the training for the teachers."

"In my opinion, a robot should definitely be able to do the chores! (mainly my dishes...)." 

Benoit - Educational content developer

"At CodeNPlay, I create educational devices for all common core children using the robot as a learning tool. My goal is to make the activities meaningful, but in a way that is connected to the official curriculum guidelines."  

"If I were a time of day, I would be the time when I ride my motorcycle. In those moments, I have my mind bubbling with ideas and coming up with solutions." 

Maximilien - Operations & logistics - Events

ozobot Max.png

"At CodeNPlay, I go out of my way to make sure projects run smoothly, to give the best possible experience for the kids, teachers and facilitators who want to move forward with us."


"An avid reader, I love seeing how the SF of yesterday imagined the robots of today"


Dorothy - Admin Magician

image (2)_edited.png

"At CodeNPlay, I am an administrative co-pilot.  I relieve my colleagues of administrative and HR tasks so they can focus on their mission of digital education and training"

"If I could have a superpower, it would be to travel through time ! "

Sonia - Head of educational content

ozobot-starter-pack - Sonia Trichili.png

"At CodeNplay, I develop activities around digital technology. I create my contents according to the new standards in order to help teachers"

"If I had to invent a robot, it would iron and put away all my clothes"