Meet CodeNPlay

Nadine - Co-director & Vision wizard

"I founded CodeNPlay in 2017.
I make sure that we continue our mission of giving the keys to digital and their complementary skills to the next generation. For this, I align the strategy with the team, ensure financial stability to be able to offer a sustainable solution for both children and schools, and for the team. Finally, I make sure to attract and develop talents in the team that they are fulfilled, happy and always at the forefront "

"I'm more alive in the morning and in the evening. The afternoon is my big weakness ... If I could sleep in the afternoon and live the rest of the day, that would be ideal!"



Dimitri - Co-director

& Growth Hacker


"At CodeNPlay I am the" Growth Hacker ". Ensuring that as many schools as possible in Belgium have the will and the capacity to offer digital education in their establishment"

"If I won a million euros I would

buy a house, travel, become a paragliding expert ... and open a restaurant. "



Gregoire - Co-director
& Fun learning developer


"At CodeNPlay I take care of the content of activities for children, and training for teachers."

"In my opinion, a robot should certainly be able to do housekeeping! (Mainly my dishes…)."



Benoit - Educational content

Benoit ozobot_edited.jpg

"The objective of my mission at CodeNPlay is to popularize coding courses and to bring a little touch of pedagogy in the implementation of these courses in primary school"

"My favorite dish, if you only had to choose one, would be" okra chicken ". I love African food and it reminds me of my youth."

Claire - Growth Magician


"At CodeNPlay, I am responsible for social media, the website and all communication. I also help CodeNPlay to grow in Dutchspeaking regions"


"If I won a million, I would start my own diving school in a hot country and start my own secondary school 2.0 in Belgium."



Soufiane - Operations & logistics


"At CodeNPlay, I help with my logistical and creative vision:


- Project coordination

- Operations / logistics structuring

- Customer success "


"If I invent a robot, he should be able to clean my cat's litter box and do my administration."

Guillaume- Wonderful animator

Ozo Océ_edited.jpg

"Je suis étudiante en Communication à l'UCL. Chez CodeNPlay, je travaille en tant que stagiaire dans le département Communication & Marketing."

"Si je pouvais avoir un seul pouvoir, ce serait de contrôler le temps." 

Guillaume- Wonderful animator


"At CodeNPlay, I am a facilitator and I work on the content of the courses.

"Programmer, animator"


"If I win a million, I would make a science fiction film