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Voluntary Award Model 2020-2021

Being a not-for-profit organization that wants everyone to understand technology, we've developed a transparent pricing model that works for everyone. Below is our cost structure for organizing extracurricular activities.

You can choose from our three pricing options according to your economic situation.

Fair price:30€ per session

The organization of a workshop costs us on average30€ per child per session.


Solidarity price:15€ per session

Enabling everyone to discover the digital world is at the heart of our project. For families with lower incomes, we have set up a solidarity price of15€ per session.

You will not be asked for any proof or proof. The only difference will be at the time of payment, where everyone will have the freedom and responsibility to pay the price that best suits their situation. The facilitator will not be made aware of the price paid for each child. 

If we have set up this system, it is because we want at all costs to prevent certain children from being discriminated against in their access to digital education, and because we believe in the honesty of parents._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Support price:38€ per session

If you have read this far, you will have understood that CodeNPlay is a purely social project, and that we put accessibility for all at the heart of the process. This is possible in particular thanks to the generosity of parents, who believe in our mission and who, via this support rate, will participate in our project. These funds will make digital education accessible to everyone in two ways:

  • By directly funding extracurricular activities for children from less well-off backgrounds

  • By supporting us so that this teaching becomes a reality in the curriculum of all schools in Belgium, which is our main mission

Sponsorship price:45€ per session

Sponsor a child!

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