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Educational content creation manager

- Pedagogical secondment possible -

CodeNPlay is a Belgian non-profit startup (startup-ASBL) that has existed for more than 5 years, whose mission is to educate young people in digital through learning computational thinking and educational robotics at school. . In addition to wanting to reverse the relationship of passive and uncreative consumption of the current use of digital technology, we use these themes to bring pleasure back into learning, by making it more concrete and playful.

To do this, we organize extracurricular activities with young people and training programs for teachers. We also help schools to form digital cells, with support and turnkey teaching aids. CodeNPlay has already trained more than 5000 children, initiated more than 10,000 in more than 100 schools. This year, to allow all these teachers (mainly digital referents) to exchange directly and better support them, a community around digital education has been set up._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Digital tools, a few events and a general structure have been put in place to support thebeginning of communityand we want to empower this community with a leader to carry this out on a larger scale.We have established:

  • online tools such as a FAQ, a space for exchanges between institutes, a newsletter;

  • community events;

  • post-training / post-accompaniment monitoring tools;

  • videos / multimedia content for popularization and information around digital education.

Role Description:

The community manager will be the person responsible for setting up and bringing to life the tools and events made available to teachers. He/she will structure the community and its events, suggest improvements to the digital media manager and/or events manager, facilitate contact with community members by being close to their needs. He/she knows the teaching environment and its constraints well, and is committed to improving the daily lives of teachers withour values.

The beginning of the mission will also consist of accompanying trainers in schools and in training to understand how our tools work, the dynamics of digital cells and to meet the teaching staff._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

The Community Manager will also be expected to teach one of our activity modules, and continuously provide at least one weekly activity. This is necessary to master the activities of CodeNPlay in practice and experiment with new ones.



  • Laying the foundations of the community  of primary teachers; 

  • Create exchanges and a sense of community with primary teachers who are members of the CodeNPlay community;

  • Develop your expertise on the school program and the common core in digital matters

  • Collaborate with the training manager to integrate the trained and supported people into the community;

  • Collaborate with the head of digital media to report the needs of teachers, meet their needs and improve tools;

  • Collaborate with the manager  events in setting up community events;

  • Monitor new developments in digital education;

  • Animate at least one weekly activity in a school (1h/week) at the beginning of his mission;

  • The community manager will also have the opportunity to flourish in other tasks that interest them if they wish (for example: communication, training, human resources, etc.) as well as to train in certain subjects useful to his work.



  • Energized and Passionate about building community face-to-face and remotely. Likes to share and share knowledge;

  • Passionate about digital education;

  • No coding/programming prerequisites required, but a logical and structured mind expected;

  • Autonomous, creative, proactive, and solution-oriented person,  able to structure and thrive in a constantly changing environment. 

  • Languages: native French necessary and a good knowledge of Dutch. English is a plus. 

  • Full-time availability or 4/5th if you want to continue teaching 1 day a week. Pedagogical secondment possible.

  • Driving license is a plus.

Send your application, your CV and all the information you deem necessary to the

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