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initiation session in my school

Before taking our training courses and starting a support program, we can organize introductory sessions in your school: "Learn to pilot a small robot".



During a 2x50 min workshop : we offer a workshop to children from 8 to 12 years of age to discover our little friend Ozobot! Ozobot is a two-wheeled robot with sensors that react to colours. Through fun activities - with markers, sheets and robots - children will be able to create their own routes, understand how a robot works and how to steer it.


Children from 8 to 12 years old, from 3rd to 6th primary. A workshop is for a maximum of 28 students. It is possible to organize several workshops per day to reach several classes.


From September to June during school hours.


In Brussels, Ghent, Aalst and Charleroi. Outside these cities, additional transport costs are added (contact us for more information).


2x50 min initiation in at least 2 classes during the day


Half-day - Initiation in 2 classes: 250 €

Full day - Initiation in 3 classes: 350 €

More than 3 classes: quote on request


The workshop is led by a CodeNPlay animator in collaboration with the teacher responsible for his/her class. The active participation of the teacher is essential to guarantee the quality of the animation but also so that he / she can discover with the children the pleasure of robotics :-)!

These initiations are an optional introduction to our training and support program for a digital transition in your school. Do not hesitate to opt directly for our training-support offer. If after the initiations, you are tempted to go further, we deduct the price of initiations from the price of our training.

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