Teacher training courses

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In order to launch the project within the school, CodeNPlay proposition to train teachers / educators with intersts in digital education.


Next to an introduction to digital teaching and programming, our trainings will learn the teachers how to use concrete tools and activities - which are easy to implement in the class.


CodeNPlay makes its course content online available and organizes regular follow-ups with the teachers, in this way he / she feels confident approaching the new topic.


Certification and book


  • A global vision of digital education and the challenges

  • Introduction to programming and learning for children

  • Simulation of fun activities to do in class

  • Exploration of useful resources and our program


Via a training and support program in the school


A day and a half training for teachers, in order to arm them with digital knowledge and allow them to give digital education courses themselves.

We regularly organize training in our office: more info

If several teachers from the same school are interested, we can move in and offer a group price.


Complete course support, consisting of ready to use activity sheets. We also follow teachers throughout their journey, via continuous online support and a physical presence during their first sessions!


We can assist the school in the choice of the equipment and their educational assets, as well as in the search for financial and logistical solutions for IT infrastructure.

"The CodeNPlay training allowed me to believe in my abilities to teach programming, and to feel supported by this new challenge!"
Ms. Perle (Bac 3 student)

Is your teaching team interested? Find the right solution for your school:

Support to schools

Support to schools


We have created content based on our field experience. CodeNPlay has trained thousands of children over the past 3 years.


Through play, children discover, experiment, and explore basic programming concepts. More broadly, they answer questions such as:

How does a computer work?

How to think like a machine or a robot?


We use tools like Ozobot (robotics), scratch and code.org (block programming environment), as well as unplugged games, more physical or creative and requiring no screens.


Our curriculum is presented in the form of modules and can be adapted according to the needs of the school or class. We also offer a video game creation project module that allows children to compile all the knowledge and skills acquired in previous sessions for a concrete and fun realization. To help you, we offer around thirty ready to use session sheets (1h-1h30)!

Discover an example of a file:

Computer science class

Whether it is to develop children's digital skills or simply to improve their teaching methods, digital becomes a crucial theme for any school. Faced the wide variety of digital education, CodeNPlay proposes to support schools in their digital journey.


Thanks to our expertise CodeNPlay supports you first in the choice of equipment and supports you in the installation, to help your pedagogical team. 

Through the development of partnerships, we will support you logistically in the setting up of infrastructures.