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School project

Is your school looking to launch its digital transition?


  • financial support to launch the project

  • general training for your educational team

  • the creation of a digital unit within your school

  • individual and collective support to enable each teacher to give digital education courses


CodeNPlay proposes to collaborate in obtaining public funding (Brussels Capital Region or Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Wallonia) for the implementation of digital projects in schools. Based on a typical CodeNPlay project, the objective will be to integrate digital education in your school, through the training of one of our modules and the support of your educational team during one year. The funds will also allow the investment in small computer equipment (educational robots, laptops ...) which will remain the property of the school at the end of the project.

Project follow-up

We help your school to set up a digital cell for an effective and benevolent digital transition in your school


Two days of training for teachers in our premises or in your school.

Ongoing support = 2 class visits and 4 calls


CodeNPlay initiation in your class
= 2x50min / class
Content: robotics with Ozobot

Is your school interested in offering on-site computer courses  ?

Getting started with CodeNPlay in school is very easy.

All you need is: 

  • Access to a computer room (one computer for every two students);

  • A smooth internet connection when all the children are working at the same time

Since we don't want these to be requirements for training children. Therefore, if the school does not have computers, CodeNPlay can assist you in setting up the computer equipment or even lend computers on an occasional basis. 


After-school workshops can be held in the afternoon or at noon, we also adapt to your needs

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