Steve Jobs

“Everyone should learn how to program a computer... Because it teaches you to think"


Our method


didactic approach

skills developed

Allow each child to understand the technological world in which they live, and to become a creative actor.

• Project-based learning
• Experimental
• Team work
• Learning by problem solving

• Creativity
• Logic
• Collaboration
• Learn to learn

• Problems solving
• Spatial orientation
• Algorithms
• Mathematics
• Psychomotricity ...

Our offer

Our aim is to empower teachers to teach programming and robotics to their students. To achieve this, we have set up a course system in the form of modules and a training course for teachers so they can take advantage of this content. These training courses are organized at different times of the year in our office, or directly in your school if several teachers are interested.

In order to discover our approach before integrating technology into your course, it is possible to organize an extracurricular activity in your school or an initiation session for several classes. But you do not need any prerequisites to get started in our training, do not hesitate to start immediately and integrate digital technology in your school as of the next school year! The challenge of the digital transition does not wait!

CodeNPlay initiation in your class

= 2x50min / class


Content: robotics with Ozobot



Two days of training for teachers in our office or in your school.


Continuous support during visits = 2 visits and 4 calls


10 sessions in the school after school time - flexible planning

= 10 X 60 minutes


Content: Ozobot, Ozoblockly, Scratch

Is your school interested in offering on-site computer courses  ?

Getting started with CodeNPlay in school is very easy.

All you need is: 

  • Access to a computer room (one computer for every two students);

  • A smooth internet connection when all the children are working at the same time

Since we don't want these to be requirements for training children. Therefore, if the school does not have computers, CodeNPlay can assist you in setting up the computer equipment or even lend computers on an occasional basis. 


After-school workshops can be held in the afternoon or at noon, we also adapt to your needs

Our events

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