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Robotics at the service of mathematics

Developing varied and necessary transversal skills (collaboration, creativity, coding ...), while becoming aware of the importance of mathematics, this is the objective of the Robolabs project.

During this training, you will discover how all of the CEB's mathematics skills can be seen through a year-long robotics project. For what benefits?

  1. Fight against school dropout by making learning fun, collaborative and above all concrete. Each mathematical concept is used in practice for the success of the project.

  2. Mobilize the skills of the 21st century, through a project highlighting in particular experimentation, creativity, collaboration and problem solving.

  3. Educate children digitally, through the use of several tools and programming

Pedagogical scenario

In addition to the handling of a robotic tool, the training will allow the handling of a turnkey educational program. 


Phase 1:

As part of a space rescue operation, children will first acquire the skills necessary to carry out different missions using the Lego Spike robot. Through robotics and programming, it is during this phase that mathematical skills will be approached through missions sometimes calling on measurements, sizes, fractions or even angles.


Phase 2:

Once ready to carry out the rescue operation, students will be able to put their learning into practice by carrying out the space mission. They will have to collaborate and divide the work to achieve the objective together, thus combining collaboration, project implementation and communication skills with the technical skills acquired during the year. 

To help you, you will have a learner's notebook distributed to each student to monitor and guide learning, as well as a notebook for the teacher.

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