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Discover creative programming

It's no secret that young people are consuming content earlier and in greater quantities. Come and discover how  teach them creative programming and introduce young people to a more creative and active aspect of digital. Using Scratch and, they will indeed change perspective and learn to create their own animations and video games! Finally, the training will give you a broader picture of the impact of digital in education, and your role in this as a teacher.

This training will be given in 2 modules of 2 hours and is also suitable for people with digital allergies.

PART 1 :

- What is digital education (≠digital education)?

- What place for learning programming in all this? What purpose?

- Introduction to the SCRATCH tool


- Practical exercises for getting started with scratch, and the basics of programming

- Scenario of 2 "turnkey" activities, to get started on Scratch with your class

At the end of the course, the objective is that you are equipped to explore the basics of Scratch with your students, and that you have above all gained the confidence necessary to get started! It's not as difficult as it seems.

Dare to learn what is hidden behind the computer code!

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