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Discover Computational Thinking with Ozobot

Digital technologies are taking an increasingly important place in our lives, as well as those of our children.  Being able to understand them, identify the challenges and opportunities becomes crucial in many respects: in the world of work of course, but also to flourish in his private life.



During this training program, you will learn how to introduce children to computational thinking and programming. This discipline includes a set of methods and attitudes necessary for the programming of computer tools, but whose richness actually extends well beyond the sole computer field. Learning to break down a complex problem into simple sub-problems, being rigorous in the way of formulating instructions, manipulating information in an abstract way are thus skills specific to computer science, but also relevant for tackling problems and themes. much larger! 

Pedagogical scenario

In addition to general training in computational thinking and programming, the training will allow you to get started with a turnkey educational program provided by CodeNPlay. 


Through fun activities and small Ozobots robots, they lead children to solve problems in a systematic way, and to transpose their solution into simple computer code. In addition to the learning mentioned below, the program has been designed to develop many additional skills such as creativity, collaboration or even carrying out projects. Each of the sessions also develops disciplinary skills, in order to allow you to make links with the basic skills and integrate it into your class program. 


Far from a desire to limit you to “our content”, this educational scenario was designed as a “boost” to allow novices to embark on this theme with confidence. The next objective being of course that each of you appropriate it, modify it according to your desires and ideas..., and then why not share it with our community of teachers!

Upcoming dates

Due to the health situation, our training is temporarily on hold. to be kept informed, please subscribe to our Newsletter

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