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Easy to set up

A first step in the digital world

Our extracurricular offer is often the easiest and fastest way to take the first step in digital education.


This requires a very low investment on the part of the school because everything is managed by CodeNPlay: the workshops, the equipment, and the facilitator - although we are happy to train a teacher from your school if you wish!


Attractive for parents

The figures speak for themselves: 90% of parents want their children to study computers at school and 44% of British parents surveyed think that this skill is more important than learning a foreign language.


Our training is a good way to become familiar with IT in an extracurricular context. Our experience is that the demand for out-of-school education in digital skills is popular with parents.

learn while having fun

We always offer interactive lessons which are given in a fun way. Whether it's programming little robots or creating their own first video games.

In addition to coding, children develop different skills, such as creative thinking and group work.

We want to introduce them to the technological world in which we live and develop them to the best cyber-citizens possible.

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After-School program

It is very easy to start CodeNPlay at school.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Access to a computer room with at least one computer for 2 children.

  2. A smooth Internet connection when all the children are working at the same time.

CodeNPlay will be happy to help you set up the computer class or we can lend you our own equipment. Workshops can take place in the afternoon or at midday, we adapt to your needs.

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