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November 25, 2022

Annual conference for teachers

Recognized training


How does digital technology support
inclusion in education?

Education, whether it is through or with digital technology, must address everyone without stereotypes of gender, socio-economic background or disability. This is why CodeNPlay wants to offer a space for sharing and exchange on the themes of inclusion and how digital can or cannot support inclusion in education. 

Within the framework of the Pact for Excellence in Education, digital education has taken an official place in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, as it is now detailed in the Manual, Technical, Technological and Digital Training (FMTTN) referential
Due to the diversity of activities and contributors, the contents and competences addressed will be varied but always remain close to the FMTTN reference frame and the transversal aims that allow to cover all the learning: 
• Knowing oneself and being open to others; Through collaborative work, the learner communicates and cooperates in a mutual respect. We make a point of encouraging teamwork by relying on collective intelligence and encouraging creativity; 
• Learning to learn; modeling (robot assembly), trial and error; ability to observe and measure (lego spike, ozobot) 
• Develop critical and complex thinking; this aim will be at the center of the training day by working on unconscious stereotypes; contextualizing; cutting a complex problem into smaller problems 
• Develop creativity and entrepreneurial spirit; creation of a video game, robot, circuit in team research of solution, assembly of project 

PLANNING and practical information

When ?November 25 for a day of conferences and workshops - see the schedule below for more information.

Where ?

November 25 morning:BOZAR

November 25 afternoon:Becentral

Who ?Different speakers and expert trainers - see schedule below.

For who ?Teachers of basic and secondary education, ordinary and specialized

What ?An improv show (Thursday evening), round tables, workshops and meetings

The content of the workshops is specified in the yellow tables below. You will receive later by e-mail the information to register for the workshops after your registration for the day of the 25th.