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August 23 and 24, 2022

ThemWorkshops summer

for teachers or anyone working in education

Activities for children from 4 to 14 years old

CodeNPlay organizes free summer workshops to introduce you to our à la carte training for 2 days this summer. Each day ends with a coffee chat to discuss the subject of digital education. This training is intended for teachers but also for anyone else wishing to learn about the subject. The diversity of profiles enriches discussions and sharing on this fascinating topic.

During these workshops, we will give you a series of leads and resources to introduce your students to computational thinking and robotics using tools adapted to their level. We will present them to you and discuss with you how to organize this concretely in the classroom. We will also have the opportunity to talk about ethical issues or the integration of digital education into school skills with the FMTTN.

Each workshop lasts 1h30 (see schedule below). If you register for the various workshops to fill 2 days, our goal is that you are equipped to explore the basics of digital technology with your students using suitable digital tools, and that you have above all gained the confidence necessary to get started. ! You can however register for one or the other workshop of your choice according to your organization without doing the 2 whole days, this will be a very good way to discover what is possible in digital education at your own pace. .

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