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We're hiring!

Become an animator!

A job full of meaning!

In Brussels and Charleroi

No prerequisites in robotics or computer science are required.

CodeNplay operates as a non-profit start-up born in 2017 from the observation that in a world increasingly shaped by digital technologies, it becomes essential for every citizen to understand the issues and seize the opportunities. 

To accompany the digital revolution and allow everyone to take part in it, CodeNPlay ASBL has given itself the mission to educate our children to digital. This is done through our extracurricular activities and internships, where we show through practice what digital education and programming is all about, but also through the training of teachers and the creation of a quality curriculum.


Leading groups of children during extracurricular activities or vacation courses with our equipment (Ozobot educational robots, Legos Spikes, computers...) and with the help of our educational sheets.




  • Extracurricular activities during
    the year 

  • Occasional activities 

  • Vacation courses




  • You are a student

  • You are a teacher 

  • You are an educator and interested in technology in education

  • You think it is important to introduce all children to the digital world, regardless of their social background or gender

  • You have an interest or experience in working with young children (6-12 years old)

  • No prerequisites in robotics or computer science are necessary.




  • Training in our tools and methods

  • A fun and well paid job


We offer quality training that focuses on the challenges of digital education for children aged 5 to 14:


  • Understanding of digital issues in today's and tomorrow's world

  • Use of digital tools

  • How to introduce children to programming and computational thinking

We are also looking for people motivated to work on improving our educational content.

Do you have an entrepreneurial streak in you? 

You are in the right place to help us by launching your own initiatives!

on endroit pour nous aider en lançant tes propres initiatives!

We're hiring

Trying to  change  the educational landscape  with new themes  such as digital technologies and programming is  not a piece of cake. 


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